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The History of the Funerary Violin with Rohan Kriwaczek

The (pretend) Reverent Rohan Kriwaczek is the author of a book that controversially detailed the lost history of the funerary violin. A musical movement that has been suppressed since the 18th Century, and only kept alive through the efforts of the fusty and recidivist archivists of the Guild of the Funerary Violinists. Kriwaczek text was described as both a remarkable insight into a suppressed art form and as one of the greatest art hoaxes of the early C21st. Rohan updates us on the latest dealings of the Guild, which has led to his being expelled from the very organisation that he was responsible for creating. Also in this special extended episode we learn what David and David actually got up during their extended break this summer, as they travel together presenting talks and tales at storytelling festivals around the globe.