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101 Albums You Should Die Before You Hear

Thursday May 26th 7.30-9pm £10 Bosco Tent, Spiegeltent Gdns Maverick journalist Everett True and friends host a night celebrating, denigrating and playing the worst records ever made. Expect a few sacred cows to be in the mix too!

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake: Science And Spiritual Practices

Wed 18th, 7.30-9pm £10 Bosco Tent, Spiegeltent Gdns An illuminating and fascinating talk from one of the most courageous, open-minded and maverick scientists on the planet. Rupert will discuss recent experimental research that sheds new light on such spiritual practices as pilgrimage, rituals, prayer and rites of passage. Rupert is a biologist and author of […]

Adventures On The Edge Of Culture

Thursday 12th 6-9pm £15 Bosco Tent, Spiegeltent Gdns With special guest speaker Alan Moore. Joining Alan will be Melinda Gebbie, Daisy Campbell, and DJ Greg Wilson in conversation. Also, John Higgs presents Ziggy Blackstar and the Art of Becoming: a talk about why David Bowie’s death effected people as deeply as it did. David Bramwell […]

Boing Boom Tschak

An evening of Kraftwerk inspired talks. Stephen Mallinder, Alexei Monroe, Suzanne Rolfe and David Stubbs. Live music Paul Boddy Bosco Tent May 7th 7.30-9.00pm £10 Kraftwerk are probably best known for their Top 20 hits ‘Autobahn’ and ‘The Model’, these two records brought the seemingly serious and Teutonic German electronic band to the attention […]

Season 2 Launches on the 26th November

We know it’s been far too long a wait and we are reasonably sorry… but Season 2 will launch on Thursday 26th November with two new episodes… we’ll be Tweeting the show details in the day before! It’s good to be back! Biscuits ahoy!!

Brighton, 13th August – Catalyst Club

Last month we celebrated out 11th birthday, made Dadaist poems with Dave Suit, learned that you’re more likely to get lost on a bike ride when stoned and tripping with Jonthan Newman and discovered that Mathew Clayton’s grandmother got Xmas cards from Haile Selassie. This August we’re excited to welcome Emma Kilbey and the return […]

Oxfordshire, 6th – 9th August – The Odditorium at Wilderness Festival

The Odditorium will be at the Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire in early August. We’ll be running a tent there and over four dayes will feature talks from a number of Odditorium favourites including: Sarah Angliss, Alexander Grierson, David Bramwell, Sue Bradley, Alastair Goode, Jules Howard, Daisy Asquith, James Burt, John Higgs and Marcus O’Dair. Tea […]

The Odditorium at the Brighton Fringe

Join Dr Bramwell and guests for a series of fascinating talks on death rituals, ghost villages, Britain’s oldest road, sun worship, utopia, occultism, the sex lives of animals, Infinity Foods and Chumbawamba!• Occult Brighton – 2 May 19.30 • Sex and the Animal Kingdom – 6 May 19.30 • Chumbawamba: In the Belly of the […]

Brighton 29th April – Ivor Cutler and Hauntology

Special double bill musings about an impish Scottish poet and thoughts from a Sheffield based electronic legend… Stephen Mallinder, musicologist and former singer with Cabaret Voltaire, uses examples from his own life and others to explore how digital culture is changing our relationship with music, focusing on our shifting sense of nostalgia and the effects of ‘hauntology’. […]

Brighton 16th April – Catalyst Club

More from the Catalyst Club in the form of a Catalyst Club night. Once again there are three random speakers talking about random things at the Latest Music bar in Brighton (the identities and subjects remain unknown until the night itself). If you close your eyes and imagine that fat David is there as well […]

Brighton 26th March – Catalyst/Odditorium Podcast Night

A celebration of the best of the Catalyst Club and of the first 8 episodes of this podcast at the Latest Music Bar. Guaranteed to be very amusing and featuring a range of other entertainments like prizes for the best review on iTunes and er… other cerebral dainties.  Starts at 8pm.  Tickets not quite on […]

Brighton 12th March – Catalyst Club

Another edition of the Catalyst Club, like the podcast only with just David, so therefore a little less funny but somehow more focused.  Anyway, each evening features three random speakers talking about random things at the Latest Music bar in Brighton (the identities and subjects remain unknown until the night itself).  It takes place at […]

Brighton 12th February – Catalyst Club

You love the Odditorium (we presume) so you’ll love The Catatyst Club.  Each evening features three random speakers talking about random things at the Latest Music bar in Brighton (the identities and subjects remain unknown until the night itself).  It takes place at the Latest Music Bar in Manchester Street Brighton and you can buy […]

Brighton 5th February – Robert Wyatt Special

An evening with Marcus O’Dair, dedicated to the musician and songwriter Robert Wyatt. O’Dair is the author of the recently published biography of Wyatt, ‘Different Every Time’, a Book of the Week on Radio 4 and a book of the year in the Guardian, the Independent, the Times, the Sunday Times, the Evening Standard and […]

Brighton 29th January – Best of Catalyst Club and Launch of The Odditorium Podcast

With Sarah Angliss and Colin Uttley. Colin will be speaking about the history of ghost trains. Sarah Angliss is looking at a group of armageddon enthusiasts from the 1980s and her ‘Bird Fanciers Delight’ which was a Radio 4 documentary in 2012. This night also sees the long-awaited launch of the Odditorium Podcast, featuring guest […]