Performed by Carrie Marx

Bosco Tent

Wed 8th May 7.30pm to 8.30pm £10
In 1978, HTV produced a six-part children’s Folk Horror serial called ‘Unburied’. The tapes are now missing, presumed destroyed.
In the subsequent decades, its existence has become the stuff of myth. But as its 40th-anniversary approaches, it’s time to dig up what little information we have on this enigmatic footnote in television history…
Join Folk Horror enthusiast, Carrie Marx, as she conducts a personal investigation into the cracks in our collective memory. Beginning with a study of British television classics such as Children of the Stones, The Owl Service, and Doctor Who, Marx leaves no stone unturned as she unearths a terrifying mystery, buried in our cultural past.

‘Utterly, compulsively gripping. I don’t think I’ve seen a more intelligently crafted show this year.’    Stage *****