Wednesday 31st May 7-8pm Bosco Tent £10

‘Neurologically this will light you up like a Christmas Tree.’
Alan Moore

‘A masterful storyteller’
Radio Times

“Bramwell clearly has an eye for the oddball and arcane.”

The Guardian

Author David Bramwell (No9 Bus to Utopia, Cheeky Guide to Brighton, The Odditorium) gives a fascinating talk that weaves in magic, memory, occultism, the history of spiritualism, shamanism, Britain’s weirdest museum (the Pitt Rivers) and psychedelics. Attempting to answer the question – what does magic mean to us in the 21st century? – Bramwell’s unique journey begins with a personal quest involving a hundred-year old moustache in a box, bequeathed to him by an eccentric aunt.

In a ten-year search to uncover the true identity of the moustache’s original owner, Bramwell’s quest first drew him to Brighton – its séances, spiritual churches and a seedy basement club – where he unwittingly became the host of a modern-day freak show. Beginning to believe that his hairy heirloom was possessed, Bramwell joined a cult and dabbled with the mind-altering drug ayahuasca, before meeting Drako Zarahar, a former Dali model who appeared to be mysteriously linked to his unique heirloom.
As well as an an exploration into the nature of reality, The Haunted Moustache is also a supernatural coming-of-age story and an affectionate portrayal of some of Brighton’s greatest eccentrics.

The Haunted Moustache started life as an award-winning one-man show (‘Outstanding Theatre’ Brighton Fringe Review 2009) and was dramatised for BBC Radio 3 in 2011and won a Sony Award for Best Feature.