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Crime Free Future with Stevyn Colgan

QI elf, author and ex-policeman, Stevyn Colgan argues the case for a crime-free future, using only a wheelie bin and a football pitch for props. Meanwhile in the studio, Dave Mounfield is trying to steal all the biscuits.

The Internet will Destroy Us with James Burt

Blogger and psycho-geographer James Burt takes us on a journey into the darkest recesses of the internet, exploring its myths, superstitions and creepiest creations, including one of its most enduring, haunting and tragic legacies: Slenderman.

Crazy about One Direction with Daisy Asquith

In 2013 Daisy Asquith spent six weeks following the tour of global pop sensation One Direction, to make a film about their Twitter-tastic fandom. Crazy About One Direction became the most tweeted about documentary ever on television.What Daisy didn’t anticipate was the backlash from fans that followed, from hate mail to death threats. This episode […]

The Mystery of Light with Gregory Sams

This episode starts with a crash, after an eclipse and power cut in the studio leave our presenters stumbling around in the dark while Mr Mounfield later reveals himself to be a Zoroastrian. It all proves however, to be a perfect link for their guest, Gregory Sams, who puts forward a compelling argument for the […]

The History of the Funerary Violin with Rohan Kriwaczek

The (pretend) Reverent Rohan Kriwaczek is the author of a book that controversially detailed the lost history of the funerary violin. A musical movement that has been suppressed since the 18th Century, and only kept alive through the efforts of the fusty and recidivist archivists of the Guild of the Funerary Violinists. Kriwaczek text was […]

Animal Vaginas with Jules Howard

Zoologist Jules Howard gives a spirited and enlightening talk on the glamorous world of animal vaginas, revealing how female animals are not coy, as Darwin believed, but selective. We discover that pandas aren’t bad a sex (just bad a zoos) and that the female mallard can change the shape of hers so the ‘right key […]

Vital Organs with Lorraine Bowen

Lorraine Bowen singer, songwriter, comedian and musician presents her favourite organs, or more particularly her favourite Casio organs.

Stasi 2.0 with Donald Clarke

Something different for this episode of The Odditorium. Donald Clark presents a story about a friendship he formed at University with a fellow student, an intense and ardent Ulsterman called Robin Pearson. Robin was his room mate, they holidayed together, drank together and argued about politics together. Then the went their separate ways and led […]

Ivor Cutler with Sandy Grierson

Dr Bramwell is on holiday in 1934, and has left his more funny sidekick Mr Mountfield in the studio to present the show. This episode concerns the idea, work and life of the extraordinary Scottish poet and musician Ivor Cutler. Sandy Grierson discusses performing Ivor’s life in the show The Beautiful World of Ivor Culter […]

Gloomy Sunday with Angie Mariani

To celebrate Monday 25th January, “Blue Monday”, apparently the most depressing day of the year, we present Angie Mariani’s talk about the ‘suicide song’.  Gloomy Sunday has been performed hundreds of different musicians and is associated with countless incidents of suicide and death.  Angie discusses the legends that surround the song, and plays us a […]

The Hand of Glory with Tim Pilcher

Tim Pilcher artist, author, lecturer and comic book expert introduces the legend of The Hand of Glory.  Cut from the body of a hung man, and then dried and pickled The Hand of Glory was a talisman by robbers and thieves.  This episode features an Odditorium first, a short radio drama, entitled Something in the […]

The C Word with Sarah Warwick

Wrap your presents and get ready for Christmas with this special potty mouthed version of The Odditorium in which we explore the one word that is considered to be at the top of the swearing tree.  Kate Warwick discuss the derivation of the word cunt is graphic detail and asks why it is considered to […]

The Duchess and the Urinal with John Higgs

Odditorium favourite John Higgs returns to challenge the ‘truth’ of one of the most famous pieces of art of the 20th century: Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’. Higgs presents the case that a bohemian sexual adventuress, Baroness Von Elsa Freytag-Loringhoven, was actually behind Duchamp’s creation, and that the history of the conceptual art movement really began with her.

Big Willies with Dr Alastair Goode

Dr Goode, bearded consumer psychologist, explores man’s greatest obsession and greatest insecurity. He asks why we the possession of an oversized phallus is considered such a asset, and why certain cultures and individuals are traditionally associated with possessing elephantine sexual organs. His approach is informed by reading of contemporary psychological and a meta-social view of […]

Chumbawumba: The Belly of the Beast with Dunstan Bruce

Dunstan Bruce, singer for Chumbawumba, takes us on the rollercoaster ride journey that saw a group of anarcho syndicalists go from singer in squat to headlining Madison Square Garden.  Dunstan’s story is filled with humour, irony, strident politics, flying ice buckets and an array from insults.  In the studio Dr Bramwell is building some shelves […]