Boing Boom Tschak

An evening of Kraftwerk inspired talks.

Stephen Mallinder, Alexei Monroe, Suzanne Rolfe and David Stubbs. Live music Paul Boddy

Bosco Tent May 7th 7.30-9.00pm £10

Kraftwerk are probably best known for their Top 20 hits ‘Autobahn’ and ‘The Model’, these two records brought the seemingly serious and Teutonic German electronic band to the attention of the British world of pop music and press in the 1970s. However to a whole generation of musicians, artists and fans, Kraftwerk are the key pioneers of electronic music and they have influenced numerous music genres such as New Wave, Hip Hop and Techno music.

Born out of the catastrophic destruction of World War Two, Kraftwerk members Ralf Hütter, Florian Schneider, Karl Bartos and Wolfgang Flür, bravely challenged and reinvented the perception of post-war German culture and music. By utilizing powerful imagery, experimenting with synthesizers and writing poignant lyrics, Kraftwerk explored the notions of futuristic worlds, modern technology, communication and human relationships with the environment.

By rarely giving interviews and maintaining a ‘loud’ silence, Kraftwerk have always remained an enigma, ironically this silence has made Kraftwerk one of the most talked about and written about electronic groups of all time. In 2015, two academic conferences were held, one at Aston University, Birmingham and the other in Kraftwerk’s home city, Düsseldorf. At both events speakers came from all over Europe to deliver academic papers and discuss Kraftwerk’s ongoing legacy.

Artistic curator and regular Catalyst speaker Suzanne Rolfe is delighted to present Stephen Mallinder, David Stubbs and Alexie Monroe, plus special guest Rudi Esch, who all gave presentations at these previous conferences.

Talks will include ‘Growing up a bit German’ by Stephen Mallinder (Mal) who is the founding member of the pioneering electronic band Cabaret Voltaire. Mal will discuss the influence of Kraftwerk on his own songwriting and music. The second talk will be on the band ‘Neu!’ Music journalist and author of Future Days, Krautrock and the building of modern Germany, David Stubbs will reflect on the early development of Kraftwerk. Finally ‘Beamed into the future: Computer World at 35’ Alexei Monroe, author of Interrogation Machine: Laibach and NSK, will discuss Kraftwerk’s eighth studio album and discuss the albums context of then and now.

Plus there will be live music from Paul Boddy.

All are welcome to come and join Alexei AKA DJ Codex, James Pappademitrie & Pete Wiggs (The Séance/ Radio Reverb) for a Kraftwerkian after party which will be held in the Spiegal bar, right next door to the Bosco tent. All robotic moves welcome!